Wonder Trade: Froakie 0-1 IVs done

I Wonder Traded all my 0-1 IV Froakies as promised in my previous post. I decided to note down names as I was trading seeing as the OT might not be the same person trading with me.  Hope you enjoy the Froakies I Wonder Traded.

I received a lot of really cool/useful Pokemon! I even received two Pokemon with four max IVs Slowpoke and Mareep (thank you Max and Japanese guy, really sorry I dont have Katakana on my computer). I also received a few three max IVs and Hidden Ability Pokemon! And more of my Pokedex was filled, for example Archen and Zorua! Its really going to help my breeding projects – especially the Slow Poke, I was actually in the middle of breeding one!

I also love how I received two Froakies back in return.

I found out earlier this week that there was a Pokemon Tournament around my area in two weeks time, the tournament is 23rd and I still have only 2 out of 6 Pokemon ready! Most of my free time will be spent on breeding and getting the last four ready. Once the tournament is over normal Wonder Trading Activity and blog posting will resume. I will finish the posts for breeding, and what other projects I have been working on, as well as write up the tournament!

My Froakie Trader Name Location Pokemon Name Ability
45 Drake Minun Minun Minus
59 Sean UK Froakie Froakie Torrent
4 Max US Slowpoke Oblivious
9 Japan Fletchling Fletchling Big Pecks
27 Japan Electrike Static
30 Mikinamine Portugal Machop Machop No Guard
35 Smarty Belgium Snubbull Snubbull Run Away
36 Japan Mareep Static
38 Natalie Braixen Magistrate Blaze
42 Huey US Tentacool Tentacool Liquid Ooze
47 Buu Spain Froakie Froakie Torrent
85 Nica UK Bunnelby Cheek Pouch
87 Josh UK Charmander Charmander Blaze
7 LOLLO Italy Bergmite Bergmite Own Tempo
16 Robin Netherlands Deino Robin Hustle
18 Nestor Spain Gengar Gengar Levitate
43 Vorissa Canada Archen Archen Deafeatist
51 Jamie UK Electrike Electrike Lightning Road
69 Arisa Singapore Riolu A. Prankster
70 Sean UK Absol Absol Super Luck
12 Hydrabob US Spritzee Parfi Healer
5 LiSA Germany Pidgey Keen Eye
11 Lucas France Caterpie Caterpie Shield Dust
17 Deadflame UK Dwebble Dwebble Shell Armor
19 Kevin US Zorua Zorua Illusion
20 Ark Australia Dratini Dratini Shed Skin
63 TENKALIN US Bunnelby Bunnelby Pickup
6 Leona Brazil Luvdisc Luvdisc Swift Swim
14 N-Syte Reyne US Basculin Barschuft Rock Head
21 Robeat Germany Sableye Sableye Prankster
54 Checho US Pansear Gluttony
56 ShadowK Eevee Eevee Anticipation
67 Kiba US Scyther Scyther Swarm
77 ilir US Axew Axew Mold Breaker
22 M a o n Torchic Torchic Speed Boost
32 Sara US Luvdisc Luvdisc Swift Swim
40 Ricky US Bunnelby Modoki Pickup
52 Luffy Belgium Eevee Evoli Run Away
55 Carter US Roselia Roselia Natural Cure
76 George US Slowpoke Oblivious
1 Chevy US Bunnelby Bunnelby Cheek Pouch
2 Sage US Binacle Binacle Tough Claws
10 Caden US Sandile Sandile Intimidate
15 Jam US Doduo Pecky Early Bird
41 Haans Panpour Panour Gluttony
83 Japan Zubat Zubat Inner Focus

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